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Specializing in the science of Micro Molding... measuring success in microns!

Micro Molded gears smaller than a penny Makuta Technics, Inc. is a company specializing in precision micro injection molding -- particularly thin wall, high temperature and custom automation & packaging. Many of our molds are built with features to hold tolerances of ±5 microns (µm).

Makuta is part of the $100 million dollar Sansyu Group of companies, the oldest and largest micro molding and micro-mold making company in the world. Sansyu has been the leader in micro precision since 1942, when the company began production of miniature clock components. Makuta utilizes this technology to produce millions of precision micro parts annually.

From concept to design to production - see how Makuta Technics can help with your micro manufacturing needs.

The Science of Micro Molding

Micro molded medical device The science of micro molding is defined as any plastic injection molded component that has been manufactured with geometric features that are defined in tolerances measured in microns.

Why Makuta?

Makuta and the Sansyu Group of micro molders established a niche that is separate from injection molding. We ONLY supply parts with geometric features measured in microns. We are micro molders.

The evolution of micro molding is being driven by Makuta's efforts to meet the constant-changing needs of our customers. A little more than 10 years ago, Makuta was able to process parts with a hole diameter of 80 µm and that was considered small. Today, on a regular basis, Makuta produces parts with a hole diameter of 20 µm and we continue to see the process changing per our customers requirements.

Micro Molding vs. Machining

PEEK material with virtually no draft Oftentimes, when a part with geometric features and tolerances in microns is needed, the ability to produce a consistent feature, from one part to the next, is usually thought to be a characteristic of machining. However, Makuta Technics' ability to supply micro molds that hold tolerances of ± 5 µm (microns), part to part, coupled with our Sumitomo micro injection molding machines, enables our customers to reduce the price of their part when compared to machining that same part. Also, we are able to provide our customers millions of parts much more rapidly than a machining operation.


Certified to use DuPont Vespel Materials In addition to all engineering grade resins, Makuta specializes in the micro molding of components that are produced using high temp materials (up to 430°c), including PEEK and Ultem.

Makuta is the only micro injection molding company in the world that is certified to manufacture products made with DuPont TM Vespel ™ materials.


From concept to design to production - see how Makuta Technics can help with your micro manufacturing needs.

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